The Last Don

Looks like my blog is turning like something of a book reviewer’s blog. But when you have a 10 day vacation you sure would feast on as many books possible. Alas, this happened to be the last of the books to be devoured by me ! Like the GodFather, this book is also racy. Mario Puzzo’s The Last Don continues on the GodFather tradition. Its fast and it is fat 🙂
In this book , the Don tries to get things normal for the Clericuzzios. He wants them to be part of the mainstream life and at the end it happens. And as usual the Don always believes that every man is responsible for his actions , and that love cannot happen without sacrifices. Philosophical isnt it. Setting aside the baseless cynicism, let me admit that the book was a good read. Its one of those fictions which you will like to read more than once.

Just for Fun – more than Fun

Any hacker would definitely read the near biblical book about hackerdom. There might be a bunch of other books that would adorn his/her book rack. But how many of em would have read Just For Fun ? The book turns to be more serious than the casual title.
   I was lucky to get a hardback of the book at a rather unbelievable price – 150 bux. Beat it , eh. Thanks to LandMark for realizing that this was one of the hardback, nonsense books which is better of disposed 😉
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Romance has no age – The bridges of Madison County

I was arranging my stuff at home and I see this book titled, The bridges of Madison Countywith Clint Eastwood and Merryl Streep on the cover. I usually am not interested in romances, but this one caught my interest as it is supposed to be a real story. And the author, Robert James Waller has done good justice. The description is crisp and even the most intense of the romantic moments (not the lovemaking ones) are described without any verbose dialogues. There is a lot left for the user to imagine.
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And indeed Only the paranoid survive

Andy Grove might not be a professional business book writer, but then he managed to be crisp.Only the paranoid survive is not a voluminous book, like the usual business books are. The book mainly deals with change management – not in exact words of course. The author calls it a 10X change. He goes on to mention the transitions that occur when there is a 10X situation – the attitudes of middle management, the intertia towards change, how should a manager try to deal with this kind of a change. He agrees that the middle/senior management has a pre-set notions which are difficult to change and this can hamper the transition when there is an inflection point impending.
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The mind of a young girl

Finished reading Anne Frank : The Diary of a young girl the day before. Should I say the ‘book’ was fine and worth reading – I wont.The diary is, well, a diary. It is not a collection of the historical happenings during the World War II, nor is it a compilation of the atrocities against Jews.Rather its a diary of an adolescent girl hiding away from the enemies, not understanding why at all there should be a struggle. One of my favourite quotes (not in exact text) ,
‘ Dear Kitty, you know why I want to write a diary, because paper is more patient than people’. That sums up the mind of a little girl.
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GodFather – a racy Italiano legend

I never understood what the fuss behind the movie The Godfather is. I tried watching it twice or thrice, but never could understand what Marlyn Brando was talking. And of course Al Pacino,as Michael, is supposed to have given a great performance in the movie. I finished reading the novel , yesterday and it seems to be o.k. One of the favourite lines of mine (not in the same language of course) – ‘its very difficult to say no to someone you love. You oughta make em say no to you ‘ . Is it that easy ? I guess not , and that is why Vito Corleone was the God Father..and me ..ahem …whatever …
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Competing on Internet time – Part I

Finished the book Competing On Internet Time . Anyone who is/was interested in Netscape, Mozilla should read this book. This book is not about the technical aspects of Mozilla. For that there one can look up Mozilla Source Code Guide. I have not read this one though (and given the price tag, I think it will be sometime before I read it ).
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Ignited Minds – Abdul Kalam, could be better

Finished reading Ignited Minds by APJ Abdul Kalam. Started the book on sunday night. I would give the book a 6 out of 10. The central theme of the book was good, on how India could stand on its own legs rather than being dependent on other nations. But the single thing that the book was missing was contiuity. The topics were not well threaded and somewhere down the line I felt if few pieces ever pertained to where they existed. The current president of India ofcourse does a good job in putting reality succintly without too many frills. One of the most interesting part of the book was the idea of our own operating system.
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