Arudhati Roy’s bashing of America

America is close to what was Rome once to the World. Though there is no ceaser now. America undoubtedly has become our ‘big brother’. I would not shy away from this fact and I think trying to be adamantly anti-American is non-pragmatic. Especially for a country like India, which does earn valuable forex from this nation. The convenience (esp in the ITES sector) is mutual. America surely is not doing us a favor, nor are we being overly-butt-lickers. But when a Booker prize winner takes this feeling to a higher dimension, critically looking at the Americans not from her own eyes but from someone within, then it sure does make an interesting reading.
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Phew !

I have been working 11 hours straight. Checked my mail only in the evening. phew ! this is tiring. There are few things to write about, but not now, a while l8r.

EBay’s phenomenal growth

This article takes a look at how e-bay has grown, or rather overgrown the dot com bust. The company has managed to keep its business running and also create a good value proposition for its customers. I think the author of this article can also look at India’s Baazee. Started by Sabeer Bhatia (the co-founder of, this site is enjoying a wonderful stint as a premier auction house in India. Even though I have never traded on Baazee, few friends of mine have done and they can swear by it. There were reviews in the past about baazee which were not very encouraging, but now after 2 years , I think the mood has changed. I am thinking of trying to map the success story of this Indian venture. Things like how did it start off, what was the business proposition that Sabeer Bhatia wanted to put forth, what is the direction baazee is heading. Things like that. May be I should contact these fellas and tell me I am interested. May be I will write a book 😉 . As I started Googling for information, I found out that bazee was running on Windows and then it was moved to Linux. Hey, but this is not what I was looking for :(. I think this needs a good thought.

Doug Turner laid off by AOL

I did not know that Doug Turner , the driver for XPCOM, in the Mozilla project was
one of the one laid off by the AOL decision. I found out this, when I was looking at his blog. He would continue to work on XPCOM, though that would be part-time. Good luck Doug.

Chinese government ditches Microsoft

The Open source community is growing at a steady pace. Even though Microsoft is a gaint, it sure is loosing ground. I already wrote about this battle. I am not going to repeat the same now. The onus now is on the business side of it. More to do with encouraging local industries, and not letting the foreign markets rule roost. China is a a classical example of this. It has long tried to protect its local industries from the foreign sharks. Even though off late, the Chinese economy has been a little more receptive to the Western products, one cannot assume a complete surrender to it. The Chinese government has nailed Microsoft and the other foreign software companies. This sure does come as a death blow to Microsoft atleast. China can be a major market for Microsoft, and loosing the dragon’s share can definitely pinch Microsoft’s revenues.
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Media and the Independence day in India

The nationalist consciousness of India is being shot to a new dimension with the media taking a keen interest in it. With so many clips depicting patriotism, one does indeed think if the same is indeed felt by everyone in this nation, and also a bigger argument about whether such a spirit is required by all and sundry. NDTV 24×7 had a program on the Independence day, called Jai Jawan. Aamir Khan’s journey to Kargil and his time there. I think these kind of media events are important. On the outset it might look a clever ploy to get more people to watch the channel, but look a little deep and I think there is a point in the program. Someone famous needs to showcase the hardships being faced by the soldiers in Kargil. I think it also revs up the soldiers. As usual, the lady of the moment Barkha Dutt did a great job there.

AOL lays off Netscape employees

This might be a little outdated, but the gravity of the situation definitely does warrant a relook. Netscape’s decision to lay off the developers sure does create a vaccum for the Mozilla project. Even though the Mozilla Foundation says that work would go on as usual, the likelihood of that happening is reduced. Mozilla and Netscape had a lot of browser wars. Here is a complete chronology of the browser wars .But after 1998 it was clear that Netscape was loosing. It managed to hold on to the browser market for sometime, but I guess that was not enough.
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Goliath is a lil scared of David

Microsoft is feeling the pinch of the growth of Linux. I think Microsoft is following the Judo Strategy to the dot. By willing to let others view its source Microsoft
has proved that none is invincible in this market. This decision of Microsoft does serve well towards Linux’s good too. It will give Linux the publicity at Microsoft’s cost. Microsoft is going to share its source like Linux. So Microsoft had to come to do something like Linux.
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void* voidptr = NULL; int* intptr; voidptr = (void*)intptr;

There is a reason behind calling this place voidptr.Anyone familiar with the C programming language will know what a void* (usually called voidptr) is. This is a datatype which can hold the address to any other datatype (provided properly typecasted) – in simple terms a generic way to access memory. And this is what this blog is all about – its a general account of things I would like to publish and share with others. The reason I call this blog chaos is because of my interest in the chaos theory.

Ok you may argue that I should have called it chaos theory then, I would argue saying that this blog is not a discussion about chaos theory. So I think I can start blogging now. I am using w.bloggar v3.00 to blog, so that I dont have to fire up my browser every time I want to blog.
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