Moz and the invisible pop-up window

Moz has the option of blocking unrequested popups. But when a pop-up is wanted, and it seems to disappear into the corners of the screen, then one gets a lil irritated. Today, I was the one . Tried to open the popup on the Verizon challenge and the popup was not visible. The window seemed to disappear into the corner of the screen. I tried the same with most of the bloggers’ comments and it seems that the pop-up doesnot want to be visible.
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phew, almost lost my archives

I think I should read the entire blogger help. Just for sheer narcissist pleasure, I tried to view the archives of my blog and yikkkkes, the august archives were 404ed. Wtf man ! Log in to blogger and fiddle around, there was some option (I told ya I should read the help again) that said republish the blog, I clicked ok and the archives were back. Looks like this is a comman problem and the people at blogger put up a FAQ for this. But still I am unable to get the listing of the archives. Is this possible at all ? Can I get the list of the files in the archives, those file which are displayed when one includes <$BlogArchiveURL$> ? I need to read the help properly…

The thing behind WinMain

A question popped up my mind yesterday whether one can write a Windows program without the WinMain(). It is of the general opinion that one cannot create an executable without the WinMain(). Any seasoned programmer will of course know that the WinMain() is just a starting point for the linker to generate code for. The starting point can be anything. So all one has to do to avoid the WinMain() is to define his/her startup point and let the linker know about it. Of course let me also add that it is completely possible to write code without any main function. The code would be executed instruction wise ek ke baad ek.
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May be Matrix can become true after all

Virtual reality has been a subject that has been debated /worked on for long.Believe it or not we had that in our multimedia paper in my pg. Any person even a little serious about virtual reality will commit harakiri looking at the syllabus. But then nothing more is expected of an old syllabus. There were lots of interesting applications that were thought of, in VR. I remember to have seen a discovery channel program, wherein there was the idea of a virtual chat-place, where people would done their personalities and talk to others. But the graphics quality was not upto the mark, and I dunno if it actually made it to the main stream.
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GodFather – a racy Italiano legend

I never understood what the fuss behind the movie The Godfather is. I tried watching it twice or thrice, but never could understand what Marlyn Brando was talking. And of course Al Pacino,as Michael, is supposed to have given a great performance in the movie. I finished reading the novel , yesterday and it seems to be o.k. One of the favourite lines of mine (not in the same language of course) – ‘its very difficult to say no to someone you love. You oughta make em say no to you ‘ . Is it that easy ? I guess not , and that is why Vito Corleone was the God Father..and me ..ahem …whatever …
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The VHP Sankalp and whats going on

The VHP’s Ram Sankalp was brought down heavily by the Mulayam government. All of us would have watched that yesterday in the news. Of course not to mention that the PSLV launch was successful, but in a nation where the Ram temple is more important, even a newspaper like The Hindu, has just a simple headline for the latter. Me not going into that matter. Without getting into the perennial argument about being secular / hindu / anything as a matter of fact, let me mention a valid quip by the chief editor of the Shiv Sena’s mouth piece (I dont remember the name now), who asked in one of the NDTV’s program if the stopping of the kar-sevaks was against secularism. The other panel member, who was from some newspaper, indeed gave a valid explaination, but from the other man’s perspective, the question seems very valid.
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Haskell tutorials get carried away

I have been trying to get a hang of the functional programming paradigm. I understand (though not from personal experience) that Haskell is *the* language to start with. Before doing that of course I did skim through one of the most important papers for functional programming. I still am in the dark, but I thought there is no harm in trying out the tutorials on Haskell.
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When will customer-ready VoIP arrive ?

The onus on the VoIP is not as much as it was expected. My brush with it was due to sam. Sitting in the lab, trying to run the xmms on a RH 6.2 with a headphone, trying to listen to what that fella was saying , I understood that VoIP had a long way to go. It might have its own share of bottlenecks on an IPV4 network, but with IPV6 (some say) its gonna be a rocker !
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A small .bat to run msql

I keep forgetting how to run the msql on my win2k box.The .cnf files and all that. I deleted the my.cnf in c:\ and had to look around to find out my mistake.So wrote a set of batch files, that would help me do this.
To install and run mysql for the first time :-

@echo off
mkdir e:\mysql\config
echo [mysqld] > e:\mysql\config\my_mysqld.cnf
echo basedir=e:/mysql/ >> e:\mysql\config\my_mysqld.cnf
echo datadir=e:/mysql/data >> e:\mysql\config\my_mysqld.cnf
REM if you are running mysql for the first time then uncomment this line
REM mysqld --console
REM if you want the service to start automatically use --install
e:\mysql\bin\mysqld --install-manual MySql --defaults-file=e:\mysql\config\my_mysqld.cnf
net start mysql

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How to get into a n/w – a simple tutorial

When I used to read about network security, I always wondered, how people could juz break into some network and do all the crazy things. At that time, I wished if someone would gimme a simple write-up on how to do it. WarChild, is a known name in network security – you would see him ( I presume) , a lot on the sf mailing lists. And he wrote a neat writeup on how he broke into the site of (even though I cannot get the site open, I think he meant Pretty neat. The obvious thing out of the write up is that , apart from stack overflows and a internal knowledge of asm, C, and Os, another thing that any pen-tester should know is web-app security.
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