The mind of a young girl

Finished reading Anne Frank : The Diary of a young girl the day before. Should I say the ‘book’ was fine and worth reading – I wont.The diary is, well, a diary. It is not a collection of the historical happenings during the World War II, nor is it a compilation of the atrocities against Jews.Rather its a diary of an adolescent girl hiding away from the enemies, not understanding why at all there should be a struggle. One of my favourite quotes (not in exact text) ,
‘ Dear Kitty, you know why I want to write a diary, because paper is more patient than people’. That sums up the mind of a little girl.
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Economic exploitation – its everywhere

The newspapers in the last week have been riddled with the the burning of Biharis ( my sincere apologies for sounding so un-constitutional / improper). Thanks to the ongoing struggle to write a RRB exam. In this age of high cost of living, daring to dream of a decent life (mind you a decent life here literally means do waqt ki roti) has become a dream which should have just been one. Expecting a decent livelihood, so that one can take care of one’s parents or get one’s sisters married is a perfect thought as long as one remains in the state of his/her birth.
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Optimization from the trenches

Optimizing code is one of the most interesting things for a developer. The other ones would include, hacking someone else’s code, digging for the cause of the adamant 0xC0000005. Optimizing code is fun and any tutorial on the web would make you realise that. Most of the tutorials would target at how to optimize for a particular hardware, which given the speciality nature of applications that they cater to, is justified. But the average joe programmer who is making a simple reporting application for business users might not need to use SSE. And even though there are other tutorials which talk about optimizing for higher level languages, there are few basic rules I have realised and here I am reporting from the trench.
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No to All

Ever wondered why most of the commercial applications(ISV apps or Microsoft built) dont have a ‘No to All ‘ option ? Assume you open a number of windows with data in em , just for the sake of reading em and are closing the app. You need to answer a number of ‘Do you want to save Noname1 …” Yes, Yes to All, No, Cancel. How come the ‘No to All’ is missing.
Is it the general belief that a ‘No to All’ is a dangerous option, wherein the user might loose the changes he/she absent-mindedly did to a particular document. The MessageBox /AfxMessageBox, provide only with a MB_YESNO or a MB_YESNOCANCEL. May be its time there was a MB_YESNO_CANCEL_BOTH also provided so that the users can easily wirein that id to get the message. Not only is it a onestop solution, functionality wise it would save the user some to many clicks. Are the ISVs listening ?

Aggreg8z a neat news aggregator

I usually avoid using news aggregators to read the blogs. But then the number of blogs I visit these days has increased to that extent that I keep forgetting to visit some blogs (is there a way to keep a section of blog invisible 😉 I used FeedReader to aggregate the feeds. But I have too many complaints with it – the primary one being that it uses IE to render (I havent checked it up yet, may be it uses a CHtmlView to render the HTML document). Also it doesnot have folders, wherein I can categorize. Also the feedreader seems to not display the complete content from some blogs (esp the ones from few sites).
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Who says dot coms are busted ?

I am surprised with the number of sites which want you to pay for reading the articles they have. Admitted that the articles indeed are informative, but wanting someone to pay for them was not a model I expected to be so prevelant. The Independent , Financial Times are few of the places where I have encountered, the pay-up-to-read articles. Salon has a nice concept of a free pass for a day, where you can read the articles for free everyday , courtesy some good samaritan sponsor, whose ad I have no choice but to read, but all the options to very disenchantedly ignore.
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Matrix Revolution a.k.a A walk in the clouds part II

Went to see Matrix Revolution on saturday. Could not get the tickets to watch it on the release date 🙁 The theatre of course was teeming with people, all geared up (assumingly) to watch the movie. I was disappointed with the movie. I guess this has to do with the enormous expectation after watching the first part. The movie turned out to be another sci-fi (was it not ?) with an overdose of a minimalistic romance.
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Jab hum aur experienced honge, shaayad STL padhenge…

So the second round of the Coding Challenge started on monday. Things looked a lil ok as I started. There were blunders I made when it came to compiling the code online. Yours truly assumed that the code which he writes at the first shot would execute. Excecute tho door ki baath, compile bhi nahin hua. This resulted in loss of precious points. I was forced to use the compiler on my machine first and make sure things are working fine and then submit the code. The result – a paltry 145.18 points out of 250.
No heat, went onto the second problem. A lil wiser but a lil less knowledgable in STL I tried to compile the source on my machine. <rant>If only I knew STL I would have know that I could add an integer index to the iterator and then could use the iterator to erase strings. But then I didnot and I tried wierd things – things from trying to new a char buffer to store the data and then copy selectively, to recursion. The recursive solution took me nowhere. Trying to find the stop-condition for the recursion took away all the time. I wish I knew STL a lil more </rant> And at the end of the day, the code only compiled and GPFed on execution.
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Coding contest and the incongruity of the people around

Had a nice time yesterday with Verizon coding challenge. There were all kinds of programmers there, guys who were all gungho about the T-shirt to people who would not read the instructions, to the another bunch who were requesting the admins to let em in. Another thing that struck me was that people inherently have a tendency to convert every online interaction to a potential date-fix. Just before the challenge, there were people trying to talk to each other and it just happened that there was a fairer sex name (I hope the feminists dont take this a lil too seriously 😉 ) and the next thing you see was people going to the extent of trying to fish details. Cmon man, its a coder’s challenge not a Y! chat room.
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