Cant pull the sources of Moz

For the past 2 hours have been trying to pull the sources of Mozilla 1.6, so that I can build the xpcom standalone. No luck yet. On Windows it just would not pull the source. On Linux I was able to pull the sources (though I didnot try to compile the stuff). How I wish I understood how make files work , darn ! IDEs make you rather dumb I guess. And herez the error I get
Could not open the destination file : Invalid argument
Could not open the source file: No such file or directory
Path not found: No such file or directory /cygdrive/e/test1/mozilla: No such file or directory |: Invalid argument sed: No such file or directory -e: No such file or directory s//// No such file or directory /cygdrive/e/test1/mozilla: No such file or directory |: Invalid argument sed: No such file or directory -e: No such file or directory s////build/unix/ No such file or directory
e:\moztools\bin\gmake.exe: *** No rule to make target `s////build/unix/modules.m
k'. Stop.

Makes me wonder why the drive s//// ??? And why is the trying to look for The Win32 instructions specify that the is needed for Unix , then why is this problem ? scratch , scratch …

Lessons from Vol 2 of the SeaMonkey BrownBag

It had been a busy week, but still managed to watch the Volume 2. It is the longest of all the other videos and deals with XPCOM. It is a beginner’s introduction to XPCOM, it doesnot deal with the complete details of XPCOM, or its use (rather over-use) in the Mozilla codebase.
Scott deals with two things in the tutorial

  1. Why do we need COM (/XPCOM) ?
  2. What are the idiosyncracies of XPCOM

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Lessons from the Vol 1 of the SeaMonkey BrownBag

The Volume 1 of the SeaMonkey BrownBag series talks about the architecture of Gecko. Rick Gessner was the one who was involved primarily with the Gecko.
The first 45 minutes of the video primarily talk about the history, attitudes etc. The real stuff starts after that. And here is the gist of the entire presentation. And mind you this is the summary I made after watching the presentation.
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First look at Moz 1.6

Watchin the – Italian Job….If there is a reason why I stuck on Moz 1.0 was that the ‘Open In New Tab’ is before the ‘Open In New Windw’. Ok come on, if I am trying to be very picky, well ..of course I am picky. But then Moz is doing a real good job these days and the Bayesian filter seems to be too good a thing to resist. Agreed that I cannot access IMAP/ POP mails, but then giving it a shot was not something I was against. And as the fellas on the XPCOM said, 1.0 is waay too old. And 1.6 seems to be a real good release. So the next best thing was to install.
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The first open-source contribution

There it was, after almost 10 months of sporadic changes in code and a month after I managed to get it in shape, I made the first open source contribution yesterday. I managed to goof up a little with CVS, but in the end realised that the damage done was nothing. But even otherwise I must admit quite candidly that my working of knowledge of version management systems is rather primitive. Even though I am a full time s/w developer this is something I do part-time <grin>.
I am not providing the link to the site, coz I want to get the source in proper shape and then I will update this post with the link. Till that time, let this post herald my entry to the open source world. And may be soon, I will put up the emblem on my homepage. Keep watching this space till then…

A random e-mail conversation

A fwd: mail from a friend of mine had the talk of R.Gopalakrishnan, director Tata Sons on Managing one’s career and expectation, at some IIM. I dunno if this talk actually happened or it was figment of someone’s rather vibrant imagination. Being a nice netizen I fwded this to a bunch of my friends (now you wonder why there is so much traffic on the net).
And then it started, this conversation between me and one of the reciepients of the fwd mail.And here I mention it.
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The Last Don

Looks like my blog is turning like something of a book reviewer’s blog. But when you have a 10 day vacation you sure would feast on as many books possible. Alas, this happened to be the last of the books to be devoured by me ! Like the GodFather, this book is also racy. Mario Puzzo’s The Last Don continues on the GodFather tradition. Its fast and it is fat 🙂
In this book , the Don tries to get things normal for the Clericuzzios. He wants them to be part of the mainstream life and at the end it happens. And as usual the Don always believes that every man is responsible for his actions , and that love cannot happen without sacrifices. Philosophical isnt it. Setting aside the baseless cynicism, let me admit that the book was a good read. Its one of those fictions which you will like to read more than once.

Just for Fun – more than Fun

Any hacker would definitely read the near biblical book about hackerdom. There might be a bunch of other books that would adorn his/her book rack. But how many of em would have read Just For Fun ? The book turns to be more serious than the casual title.
   I was lucky to get a hardback of the book at a rather unbelievable price – 150 bux. Beat it , eh. Thanks to LandMark for realizing that this was one of the hardback, nonsense books which is better of disposed 😉
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Romance has no age – The bridges of Madison County

I was arranging my stuff at home and I see this book titled, The bridges of Madison Countywith Clint Eastwood and Merryl Streep on the cover. I usually am not interested in romances, but this one caught my interest as it is supposed to be a real story. And the author, Robert James Waller has done good justice. The description is crisp and even the most intense of the romantic moments (not the lovemaking ones) are described without any verbose dialogues. There is a lot left for the user to imagine.
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