Started using NewzCrawler

Being the adventurous sort, I downloaded the nightly build of Mozilla and tried to run it. It died with a message that IIRC nsCString@….function was missing in the xpcom.dll. Could be because of the upcoming string classes changes for Mozilla 1.7. Ok great. Did I mention that the installer itself died during installation. Way out ? Install the LGC of Mozilla and then uninstall it , removing the complete directory. I was wise enuff this time to store the RSS feeds from Aggreg8. And then I install Mozilla all over again, and now Aggreg8 refuses to work. Given the fact that I am running a QA build of Mozilla, the load times are not good. Absolutely irritated I thought I will give a different newsreader a shot. As it is I have a bunch of feature requests for Aggre8, but that will be on a different day.
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My Sharp ZQ-P20

I got a Sharp ZQ-P20 from Singapore – thanks to Sunny. Costed me $49. I actually wanted an organizer but what I got definitely made me happy. The UI is simple, though the biggest complaint would be the lack of the comma (,). Makes you think how can anyone miss the comma.But they did. What do I do 🙁
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Quakey Quakey Quake

Though I have not played Quake as much I played Doom (omg, I revelead the long kept secret). Now I will be looked down by the gamers around – I will be looked down with disdain – You don’t play Quake – what species are you – how can you be 🙁
   This strip plays an ode to the game in a way that is both humorous and true !&

Bloggar is back

W.Bloggar is working fine. After the extra space error, I just downloaded it and checked it. The new bloggar has option to modify the template too. This was one of the wish lists from W.Bloggar. Thanks to Marcelo.The build I am testing with is 3.03.0165. Thanks Marcelo 🙂

New bugs with Blogger

Thanks to W.Bloggar I never bothered to check if Blogger would work with Mozilla. And when w.Bloggar stopped working mysteriously from Saturday, I checked up blogger in Mozilla, and then only did I find out that Blogger doesn’t work on Moz. This is very bad news, for people who wish to blog from their browsers. I didn’t check mozblog yet. But even then it is surprising to find out that blog posting is browser specific.
Coming to the problems with w.bloggar. I guess there are some changes happening with Blogger itself. Even the other clients I tried (Java clients) spat out errors like ” String length exceeds 255″. What is more surprising is that both the clients, Chronicle light and ThinBlog gave the same error message. That is one reason I didn’t bother to check with MozBlog. Till I find out what is going on, I am going to rely on IE to post.

The Moz compilation story contd..

I guess my blog is becoming a weekly story. Got a little busy with work, so could not write about the Mozilla compilation story. I managed to find out the same night that I posted the earlier post, where I was going wrong. The problem was two fold – I didnot have autoconf and the second thing is that you use make and not gmake. Now this was something that no one would have found about (do I see a self-appreciation..hmmm).
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