Trying to import my old blog

The first thing I am going to try is to import my old blog (which is worth over 6 months of postings) in here. I think it should not be too much of trouble. Lets see. If it is successful then there would be a bunch of posts on my blog. Blogger seems to be congested currently. Once I manage to get there, I am going to follow the instructions from Mark Paschal to do this.

W3C and WebServices

This post is more of a note-to-self. Web Services are the mantra
of business process communication. If you are being swamped with technical jargon regarding them, it is quite but natural, given the fact that there is so much that can be done with them. The W3C Web Serivces Activity group is working towards a standard way for business processes to communicate with one another.
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The future direction of Mozilla

The Mozilla developer day happened on the 27th Feb 2004. Hey how come I never got an invitation 😉 The future direction of the Mozilla platform has been summarized in this slide show. Very succint in presentation and upto the point.
   From the slideshow there are few questions that would immediately pop up. The general apprehensiveness and the discussions on the same are perfectly valid.
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Java and the Open Source happenings

Let me start with the disclaimer. I am not a Java developer. I can only System.Out.Println in Java. Off late there have been a lot of discussions about open sourcing Java. ESR requested Sun to open source Java, to make it a viable alternative to Microsoft’s offerings. In the era of WebServices J2EE becomes one of the mature enterprise class framework. And to further it on Linux seems to be the next natural thing.
This letter generated a lot of discussions and the response from Sun made ESR clarify on what he exactly meant by open sourcing Java. From a open-source minded person this seems to be a very valid request and clarfication. A bigger explaination on why this has to happen highlights other points.
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