i810, Realtek’ AC97 and Windows’98

I am still unable to install Win2k on my machine and am getting along with Win’98. The only problem – the Realtek AC’97 drivers for the soundcard don’t seem to be interested to load. Didn’t I talk like an end user <g>
I had a driver CD with me, which had the Realtek sound driver installer, I install the driver, like a typical Windows user – not caring to read the Readme et al, and then I whine that the darn drivers don’t load properly. I should have picked up a cue from the fact that in the properties of the sound device, I see the message – NTKern.VXD blah blah..duh me, NTKern.vxd on Windows 98 !!!!
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Cedars – ethnic Middle East cuisine in Chennai

Chennai has a good range of ethnic restaurants. There are places which serve (exclusively) Malaysian, Mexican, Lebanese food. There must be more, but these are the ones I have visited. Cedars is one of the place, which caters to the taste of the Middle East cuisine. I found out about this place from The Hindu. Though I wanted to visit this place for a long time, I didnot get the oppurtunity. But finally yesterday we fellas made a visit to the place and here is the account of what transpired.
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Kashmir- A tragedy of errors

With three days holidays I was stuck to reading. I picked up Tavleen Singh’s Kashmir : A Tragedy of Errors, from Landmark on last Monday and thought I would finish it off in the three days I had with me. Here is an account of my views on the book. Tavleen Singh doesnot require an introduction. Any one who has read India Today will know her. She was one of my favourite columnists writing for the magazine.
And coming to the book. an aptly named book dealing with a very valid topic in modern India. I would suggest that anyone remotely interested in what (and why) is happening in Kashmir *should* read this book. To understand why the The Paradise on Earth is the way it is, one should go back in time to look at all the events that happened.
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Cannot delete Extended DOS Partition

Ever wondered if creating partitions can fail ? Well it does, I didnot know this till yesterday. Guess what, my ‘new’ PC was acting up when trying to install Win2K on it. I have been using Win2K for 2 years and I never had a problem in the OS. No crashes, nothing. A stable OS (this is from someone who had to haggle with the crashes on the ’95 and ’98s).

So it would be natural that I would want to install Win2K on my machine along with RH 7.3 (that is the CD that I have). So what big deal – use fdisk, make 3 partitions(1 windows, 1 swap and 1 linux – of course it could be more, if I wanted more drives on windows). Then install Win2K , and then Linux. Depending on the choice of the boot loaders, you can either configure GRUB (lilo) or the boot.ini in Win2K. Simple isn’t it ….well..errr..no !

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Dilbert Principle – the amount of work done is …

This should have been written about earlier, but I forgot. The Dilbert Principle is a riot. It is a humorous satire for which one needs to have a taste. If you are one of the many employees in an organization, bogged down by processes, initiatives, key resources et cetra, then you will find this book a clear reflection of your everyday life. Thankfully for me, I am not yet a victim of all those stuff, but hey, who knows !! Notable among the chapters are the one on ISO9001 and the one on Outsourcing. It is a good read, preferably on a long train journey, while the other passengers are wondering why you are laughing to yourself 😉

On a side note, I still havenot yet imported my old blog entries here. Will do it soon.

Bill Gate’s open letter on security

I think the open letter concept that Microsoft has taken up is a good thing for customers of their products. Note that I am equalling what Microsoft makes to an ordinary product, because this is how any non-developer (i.e. people unlike me) would look at software. Ok, may be not exactly, but closely the same.
The latest letter does provide an interesting insight into the developments happening within Microsoft.
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Working very hard !

Its been a long time that I wrote anything. My work seems to be taking away all the time I have. But for a quick note, I bought a new PC. Well, not a new PC technically – a second hand PC. The first reaction would be why waste money on an old one, but given the bux I was willing to spend, I decided to get an old one. So the config goes like this: P3, 1GHZ, 128 MB RAM, 40G Quantum Fireball, i810, a local UPS and creative speakers, Samtron 15″. I got the entire thing for INR 12,500 /-. What do you think about the deal ? The only negative is that that monitor has a little flicker 🙁 . I haven’t had much time to even decide on the s/w I will install on it , but of course I would put in Linux on it. After a long time I will lay my hands on Linux. Am waiting for that !!