SETI moving to BOINC

I am not sure how useful would the move of SETI to be part of an integrated distributed infrastructure BOINC. I have been SETIing for sometime now, and I have donated over 1000 hours of time. Also the move to the new infrastructure would mean that the old records would be separated from the new ones and there would be two different sets. The graph display of the new BOINC client is not that impressive. The graph floats in a 3-D space, all the while rotating. Also the colors are drab. It looks so dull, that you would never want to look at the progress of your search for something ET. Compare this to the older client (on Windows). The older client has a wonderful display of the progress. Also the latest beta had troubles when trying to connect to the server. But the new computation might do a good justice to awarding credits to the contributors.I have not yet submitted a unit yet, but would like to see how different this one is going to be from the older client.

And so I have a gmail account..

A gmail invite was the last thing on my mind when I woke up. No, it was never on my mind. Better, I hadn’t even thought that I had an iota of chance to get a gmail account. I cannot access Rediff’s 1 GB mail. But then surprises are…well..surprises. Thanks a ton to Prasenjeet Dutta for extending an invitation for gmail.

Unfortunately my first name was already taken by someone else. So I went for a complete name – there it was: gangadharnpk at gmail dot com. Thankfully I didnot have to find something of my room-mates to swap 😉

CAS in Chennai – monopoly of SCV

This post is a rant. It is a rant into the wilderness for someone to hear and to do something about it. As I see it there is no hope to the existing situation, but even then the optimist in me says that one cannot let things lay as they are. I just hope some sensible official / government / individual (including myself) does something about this. Ok, so what am I talking about ? I am talking about the venerable CAS. And more specifically the laggard nature of Hathway and the monopolism of SCV. We live in a world where anti-trust trials are between two corporations, but what would you if both of them are acting up. Where would the customer run to ? (read: do you want to run to the consumer court ?).

Let me explain what happened with both the vendors and let the reader derive his/her own conclusions. Let me start with Hathway.

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Spirit parser framework

Ok, I didnot get time to blog for sometime now. Was a little busy with work. Am trying to write the grammer for the Microsoft .RC files, so that they can be parsed using Spirit. It would be fair in someone suggesting using Lex & Yacc for this. And I donot deny that approach. But there is a small problem with that. First, Lex & Yacc would give me C files that are a little hard to look at ! Secondly I cannot create classes representing my parser. And the third, there is no native implementation on Windows. As mentioned in the nice article, if one wanted a good Windows implementation, one can take a look at bumblebee.
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