Who is your Indian Entrepreneur ?

It is a natural thing for people to like to be associated with a large firm. But the point is that a large firm today was once a small firm. Lot of hardwork goes into making a firm a large firm. And more than anything else, it needs that (usually) one person who is passionate and is willing to go through all that it takes. India too has its share of entrepreneurs. Dhirubai Ambai, Narayana Moorthy are the first ones that I can think of. May be the TATAs were big entrepreneurs, but remember they started very early.
Quoting Ratan Tata (from an interview yesterday on a CNBC marking the TCS IPO), growing in an open market is not an easy thing. So an entrepreneur today has to even think of the global pressures. So, who do you think is your ‘Indian Entrepreneur’ ?
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Mainland China, Aruna Inn

I didnot know how do I give the title for this post. So I left it there. Mainland China, Aruna Inn, Nungambakkam is an ‘authentic’ Chinese restaurant (coz there is supposed to be an ‘Indian’ Chinese too). First suggestion – go early and return early. The place becomes an equivalent of a fish market by 2100hrs. Otherwise the ambience is good, but I found the polygonal tables a little difficult to adjust to.
Coming to the food, it is tasty and not very expensive too. I would suggest the lemon pepper soup. It is almost like clear soup, but has a nice tinge.The tofu is really tasty – taste it. And don’t, I mean just don’t miss the Crackling Spinach. If spinach can be that tasty, then Peepeye, Poopeye, Pipeye, Pupeye would never have complained. And everyone would be singing:
I’m strong to the finich
Cause I eats me spinach
I’m Popeye the Sailor Man
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The Xul Runtime Environment

The XUL Runtime is doing the rounds these days among the Mozilla folks. Unlike what I wrote about this earlier, it seems the people at Mozilla are thinking a step ahead. In competition to Microsoft’s XAML and Avalon combination, there is an idea of developing the XRE. A single binary that would let a ‘developer’ develop rich applications. And mind you, this might not just remain a GUI renderer, it might also second as a good networking library. And soon more classes can come into place.
And as mentioned in Brendan Eich’s roadmap there seems to be a lot of interest in it.
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Microsoft’s search engine can find my homepage

Just for sheer narcissist reasons, I wanted to find out if my homepage is listed in the search pages of Google. When I try to search using my weblogs id, google shows the entries that are displayed on the recent entries page. That is the closest it comes to displaying anything related to me. If I were to search by my name, then Google would display the posts on the newsgroups. And thanks to Google’s large repository, a search yields the different replies on the newsgroups. And when I search by the login id of weblogs, I get few entries. But my homepage doesn’t figure anywhere in the results.
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