Made in Japan – SONY explored

If you want to know what made Sony a Sony, then read the book. The backbone of the book is the description of the genesis of Sony. Did you know that the name Sony was derived from the Latin word Sonus. And that people spent a considerable amount of time to create a name that is not found in any dictionary.Commendable indeed, now the brand name is a household name.

The first part of the book deals with Akio Morita’s life and his family. He does make the narration of the growth of Sony sound very personal. It is a pleasure to read from the man who made it all happen.
The second part of the book deals with the economic views of Akio Morita. He is very clear and articulate in mentioning his concerns. He takes a lot of pain to explain the Japanese mindset. Anyone wanting to do business in Japan or with Japanese businessman should consider reading the book. It is almost like – a rough guide to understand Japanese business.

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So what makes a great hacker ?

Someone in the office forwarded Paul Graham’s Great Hackers essay and wondered how it would feel to work for someone who thinks like Paul. Whether any of us considers himself / herself a hacker (or a great hacker) is something that I wouldn’t like to deal with. I would like to comment upon the essay itself. No doubt that it is a great essay. Some of the parts indeed are very true. And I can’t but wonder – how can any one dump a Mac into the dustbin ! I feel, there is another facet to being a great hacker, even though it is not something that everyone readily acknowledges.
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