The Terminal

After the recent ‘revocation’ of the ban on the movies in Bangalore, I made a trip to watch one of the good movies out this year. The Terminal is a Spielberg movie and one can find a definitive Spielberg touch in the movie. As is known widely, this movie is inspired by the true story of Merhan Nasseri, an Iranian refugee in the Charles de Gaulle airport. The movie is nicely woven around the characters. Even though Catherine Zeta Jones is the ‘heroine’, her part in the movie is rather limited. One cannot, but help pitying office Frank Dixon (actor Stanley Tucci), in the movie 😉
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I am around…

Ok, I haven’t written for over a month now. Its just that there are few changes happening in my life and I was a little tied up with other things. That said, now I think I will start writing more frequently. There are a lot of things to write – the book reviews (as usual), few thoughts about Python (yeah yeah, I have started digging into this language) and about Bangalore. Exactly, I am not in Chennai anymore now, have moved to Bangalore. So expect new posts in the next few days.