Multiple desktops on Windows

One of the nifty features in GNOME and KDE is the desktop switcher. Any one who has worked with more than 4 windows at a time would find this particular feature very useful. Apart from reducing clutter and preventing accidental closing of windows, multiple desktops also provide the user with a logical grouping of tasks. I wonder why something as useful as this was never incorporated in MS-Windows. Of course there are tons of shareware / freeware which provide this functionality out there. But I was looking for something very simple. Logically speaking, all that the desktop switcher had to do was to save the window contexts of each desktop. After hunting for a while, I found this simple and yet elegant tool – DeskWin. It is the solution to your multiple desktop window problems.
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India’s infrastructure problems – a possible way out

India’s infrastructure in a way has paved for China’s success – as few would characterize China’s growth in the manufacturing industry. Numerous articles have been written regarding this, talking about what can be done to improve the situation in India, which ‘suddenly’ has become the world’s service center (not necessarily software services, but in general all kinds of services). This, according to some economists is not a healthy trend, as the long term implications of over-reliance on a steady supply of outsourced (or otherwise) services are not optimistic. To be able to sustain and prosper, India as a nation needs to concentrate on its infrastructure and let the burgeoning services sector take care of itself.
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