Kamaelia – pipe using Python

There is a new category that I have added – Python. Off late I have been spending sometime on this language and I must say, this language is indeed very interesting. Putting aside the arguments about what it is useful for, whether it is ready for ‘enterprise level’ yada yada.., I think this language is a definite plus in your skillset. At least it will let you think about a good design for the data structures you use (in whatever language) and at best – well, errr, go figure out yourself. And drop me a mail if you think you have done real cool things.

Now onto Kamaelia. This is a collection of Python generators, more here and here.

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Real player 10 – an irritating piece of software

Real might have made a great media player sic., but they made a horrendous installation program. There were a number of instances where people have complained about the update feature of the Real installer. Real has been under a lot of discussion regarding its practices et al. Here is a first hand account of the rather senseless procedures that Real uses. I had the Real 10 beta installer for Windows and installed the same on my PC at home. I don’t have an Internet connection yet and when I run the program, it wants to update Real from Real.com.
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