Mozilla gets <Canvas>

The Mozilla foundation’s contribution to the WHATWG group, is helping in bringing interesting things into the browser. As few would know, the Mozilla SVG support is slowly etching to become feature complete. One of the things discussed way back on netscape.public.mozilla.svg is the use of SVG as the backend for doing the rendering. Digressing from the main discussion, let me talk about the use of having SVG as the backend for rendering. Even though Mozilla right now uses XUL for doing the rendering, there can be multiple options of performing the rendering. To be able to use SVG for rendering the UI would enable one get a very rich UI for the browser. Also, using SVG for the backend would mean that the user can actual paint on the browser’s surface. So, this might enable one to create for e.g., a non-rectangular UI for the browser. It can enable one to provide for a rich animation on the UI.The options are as many as what SVG can provide one with. Of course, the major hitch being that SVG is not feature complete yet on Mozilla. Also, another thing I wonder about is the usage of SVG. With Macromedia Flash being the rather defacto standard for delivering rich UI on the browser, I wonder how many content developers / users see SVG as an option.
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The connectivity saga

As promised here is the connectivity travail that I had to undergo in the ‘Silicon valley of the East / Asia / <add your favourite geographical region>‘. As everyone in India would know, BSNL has come up with their broadband service. How many of the ads actually talk about the connection being for people who already have an existing land line connection. Didn’t see that coming didn’t you – the power of fine print. The point of getting a BSNL broadband connection *and* a landline for which I have no use didn’t make sense to me. That apart the data download cap sounded a little too tardy for my frivolous usage 😉 The area where I live also has broadband (sic.) access by zee next . This one is absolute crap. There are better expletives, but for now, I would leave it there. The so called node center of theirs is the perfect picture of ignorance and apathy. They just don’t care. The only advantage that they seemed to have over a dial-up was the unlimited usage (aka no data cap). Before you rub your hands in glee about that, let me warn you – it ain’t as good as it seems.
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How do I view all the comments ?

First things first, I have to write about the connectivity saga, but that will be in another post. For now, I want to know how do I view all the comments and the entry against which they are posted against in one page. I am MovableType challenged and would be very grateful if someone has a way to do it – may be a script / server side stuff that needs to be used. The reason I ask this is that I am having a tough time cleaning the mess that the bl**dy blog spammers have left all over my blog. Everything from viagara to you know what enlargement. Aaaargh !
I read somewhere about an option in MovableType that would detect such sort of a spamming. If someone out there knows how to do it and can share it – either here (yeah I know it is ironical that I am leaving comments open here) or in the forums (and leave a link here) it would be great.
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