The darn comment spam

Very simple – I have been flooded with comment spam. I usually leave the comments option open on the blog entry, so that people have a chance to post here, instead of writing to me (oh, btw, my mail id happens to be gangadharnpk at gmail dot com). But looks like I have a larger probelm in hand. I spend quite sometime, almost everyday trying to clean up the mess. So, I have decided upon a simple policy. The comments for any new post from now on, will be open till 14 days of the post date. In case, someone deems the post worthy enough to comment upon, I will leave the comments option open, else, the comments will be closed. Anyone wishing to comment upon that post, will need to mail me and I will add the comment to the respective post. And regarding the old posts – the comment status will be revoked as and when they are littered, except in the case of high commented posts. This policy stays till the moment I find a way out of this surge of crap or I find a way to view all the comments at once.