Boutique restaurant on 100 Ft road – go there

May be one of the lesser known places and generally considered expensive place to eat on the 100 Ft road in IndiraNagar is the Boutique restaurant. It is an Italian restaurant presented in a rather interesting way.I am unsure how many Bangaloreans (native and otherwise) would venture to this place. First the rating – I give the place a 8 out of 10. Coming from a self-styled food/restaurant critic, this might be a high rating <wink>.The place is on the 100 Ft road, after Barista and FabMall if you are travelling from the CMH Road.No doubt that it has an expensive and not so tasty look, which is not the case. It does weigh on your wallet, but the pallet does have a wonderful experience too.
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GA for Engineering Optimization – Part I

Was busy the last week attending a course in IIT Kanpur on Genetic Algorithms. The course on Genetic Algorithms by Prof. Kalyanmoy Deb was very informative. Meeting the professor in person and listening to him in the course was in more than one way fun. The professor was full of energy and the course provided a complete view of Genetic Algorithms and their use not only in optimization, but also to solve various kinds of problems. Except for the weather in Kanpur, the trip was enjoyable. More details regarding my trip and the course will follow soon.

Sarkaar – not a bad movie, but not very good either

Yesterday I went to watch Sarkaar – the new movie by Ram Gopal Verma. Let me mention upfront, it was not a democratic decision to go to this movie. Grr Sekhar. Lol. Ok, onto the movie. It is inspired by GodFather, perspires to be better than Nayakan, and falls short on both the accounts. First, the verdict a 6 out of 10. Ok, ok, before people start of with how good the camera was, the colors, the cinematography, let me explain why I thought the movie gets the rating.
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Scott Robert Ladd needs help

Scott Robert Ladd is not an unknown name in the C++ world. He is, apart from other things, is well known for his compiler benchmark tests and reports. They are by far one of the best comparisions of the various compilers out there. Another interesting creation from the Coyote productions is Acovea. This is a genetic algorithm implementation to find the optimal compiler options for a given program. I wrote about Acovea a while ago. An update on that is that I *did* get it compiled on a AIX 5.2 using the Visualage C++ compiler v6. I stopped at that, and never went forward to actually run some tests and see if it does make a difference.
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