Freedom Jam 2005

I went to the Freedom Jam which was postponed to yesterday. It is an open air, free for all, music event wherein bands showcase their musical talents.All the performances are their own compositions (or may include other compositions once in a while).
Even though the organizers mentioned the time to start as 1500hrs, therewas nothing happening at that time. One of the first bands to perform were the Liquid Groove. The compositions were good. Their songs Dreams and At Stake were good. And before you brandish this event as a rock event withpeople head banging, let me also mention the classical arena. There were three stages wherein different styles of music were being performed.Though towards the end, it was rock – in various flavors in all the three.
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Crypto – the story behind

The word cryptography contorts an image amongst us, about something surreptitious, of an art that is privy to a select few, of a science that is locked behind large government agencies’s buildings in onerous documents marked confidential.And the reality, is no stranger than what I described above. Crypto (as it is generally used) has remained the bastion of the government – and for good reason. Trying to understand the history of Crypto without due importance to the political undertones, might be a perfunctory study. And this what exactly, Stephen Levy’s Crypto deals with. The book is not a mathematical treatise on the history of crypto – rather it is a political commentary on the growth of it. If you were to look at the book in that context, it does a great job about it. San Jose Mercury News’ comment, sums it – An elegant and enlightening tale of obsessed individuals and creative geniuses. If you are someone who likes to understand the why behind something, this book will whet that with respect to crypto. A definite read is what I would say, but mark my words with caution – if you are looking for mathematical expressions, this isn’t what you are looking for.
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GA for Engineering Optimization – Part II

I didn’t have enough time to write a detailed account of my visit to IIT Kanpur and the KANGAL for the short course. The Part 1 promised more details , and I hope to write them here. Also would be the details of my trip to Kanpur and my short, 2 day visit to Delhi.

The SpiceJet flight from Bangalore to Delhi was pleasant. SpiceJet is one of the economy airlines introduced in the country, though I didn’t get my tickets in any economical price 🙁 A tip for those wanting larger legroom (like me). When choosing the seat number, choose the seats near the emergency exits – I found that they have a larger legroom than the other seats. The flight is around 4 hours – since there is a 45 minute stop at Pune. Oh, btw, Pune from above, in the rainy season looks very beautiful – lush and green. From Delhi, I caught a train to Kanpur. It is an overnight journey, and was there in Kanpur the next day morning. I had a cab waiting to drop me at IIT Kanpur.

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Annachi – Chettinad cuisine in Bangalore

Don’t you wonder that I have been posting too many a post regarding food. Why this sudden interest in food ? To be honest, this ain’t any new interest in cuisine, its been there for a while. The only difference is that I have started looking at the various places to eat in Bangalore of late. Expect more posts in this category.

Onto Annachi. This place is also on the 100Ft Road in Indiranagar. To be precise, this is in the same building as Cafe Coffee Day on the 100Ft road (if you are travelling from CMH Road towards the Intermediate Ring Road, this falls towards your left). First the rating – 6 out of 10. That is not a *very* good rating, and I have an explanation. Read on.
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