Dress code

I prefered leaving the title like that for a reason. I didn’t want to sensationalize or try to act like a preacher. This post is a critique, of an article I didn’t see intially, but chanced it yesterday. Yesterday, a cloudy and rather good weather day, while lazily flipping the newspaper, I chanced on the responses of an article written two weeks ago. The original article piqued my interest and infuriated me enough to write this post. Before I write anything, an important note:
It is not my idea to criticize the person who wrote the article. As the cliché ‘criticize the idea not the person’, this post is a serious attempt to do so. If the reader feels that I have gone wayward, please point me to that, and it will be corrected.
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So what is it that I write ?

A friend of mine wanted to know if I had a blog. Hesitantly I did point to the blog – and the comment was ‘all geeky stuff, either it is about computers or restaurants’. Well, almost true except that my friend didn’t care to look at the book reviews. I don’t propose to make this my personal memoir or an autobiography of sorts. It is for stuff that I find interesting or things I think that I can voice my opinion safely. That makes my blog, a mirror of my opinions and not necessarily an anthology of comments – ranging from Indian cricket to Mandira Bedi (excuse me ma’m for bringing you in here – I have nothing against you) to environmental protection. Well, it doesn’t mean that I have nothing to write about them. I do have, and I will write about them, when I know there is something new or interesting that I can propose – not just an academic exercise (no doubt in futility !).
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