Music search

How many times has it happened that you listened to some song of an unknown (to you) singer, and liked the beats, and wanted to listen to songs similar to that particular one. Say you liked Sarah Brightman’s Beautiful, and wanted to listen to songs that sounded like this particular song. More often than not, the same artist might not create music that sounds like their previous work – for a good reason too. But if it is the kind of music you are after, and not necessarily the artist, then there is a difficult search you have on your hands. Or may be not 🙂
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Python and Oracle connectivity

I wanted to write some test scripts for work. I needed a DB-Agnostic wrapper library for Python. Looking around, I found that SQLObject is a well respected and well used DB access library. This was an interesting lead for me, as using this would have helped me reduce the amount of work to be done. My happiness was shortlived, as I found out, that the support for Oracle is missing in SQLObject. Too bad 🙁 A little more digging did reveal that there is some kind person is working on it. But that, I guess, is going to take a while. Till that time, for me to do anything with Python and Oracle is cx-oracle, which I haven’t explored (and might not) and pymssql for MS-SQL. This might not work out for my requirements – so am dropping the idea of using Python 🙁
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