Magnolia – place to go

I was to write this review much earlier, but the thought slipped my mind. This is my experience in one of the many authentic restaurants in Bangalore (the one really good thing about this city). Magnolia, is an authentic Thai and Chinese restaurant in Koramangla. If you are heading on the Inner ring road towards Madiwala, take the left beside the BDA complex, and you should see the place on your right. Now, to the rating. I will rate this place a 7.5 out of 10. This is an exclusive place and I have considered that when giving this number. So what is it that is great about this place, that made me give a high rating ? ( I am very stingy when it comes to rating restaurants high, almost like the managers who don’t want to rate employees high during their appraisals). Multitude of factors – the palate choice, the ambience, the wallet factor and of course the taste of food. Let me dive in.
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MP3 Watermarking

Music piracy on P2P networks is rampant these days. There are lots of ongoing attempts from various media technology companies to try and curb this. Microsoft’s DRM comes first in the list of technologies that are being created to reduce the amount of piracy. Everyone knows that curbing piracy requires technical enabling, alongside legislation (not to forget execution of the legislation). And even the Fraunhofer Institute is adding watermarking to one of its inventions – the MP3 file format. I am not going to go over the history of MP3 here. What is interesting is the way that that watermarking is being implemented by the institute.
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Collective intelligence of the WWW

Nova Spivack writes about the Collective Intelligence for the web. The idea is to build a self-conscious WWW (Internet) that mirrors the mood of the populace at a particular time (epoch ?). Not only does it mirror the mood of the community, it lets the participants (sort of the leaf nodes of a tree) glean from this overall view, and contribute their own part to the whole. The idea of self-consciousness is congruent to the feedback-loop-learning process that is applied in robotics / neural networks. Only that this mirror will be much larger and a lot more inclined towards the participatory culture of the community (used loosely here. The community can be a plethora of sites, bots, humans etc.). The idea is to let individuals know how they can effect the global consciousness and be wary of how it effects them.
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