Malaysian Grandprix ’06

First things first – I didn’t watch the complete race. No, it was not because the ice man crashed in the first lap – but because there was no transmission. Darn, I missed a good race because of that. I watched the first 10 laps and the last 6 laps. I don’t know if I missed anything, I will write about whatever I saw. Obviously, the race was disappointing, given that Kimmi crashed out even before he completed the first lap. I think it was really really dumb to try and overtake Nico Rosberg at that kerb. Either Kimmi overbraked, and the car spun out of control, or he plain simple lost control and rammed in. All said and done, it was not needed – he lost precious points in the run for the podium finish. As for the rest of the race, I think it was nothing spectacular, more of the routine stuff. The only place where strategy might have mattered a little was the pitstop for Alonso, by which he got the lead over Jenson Button.
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Bahrain F1 GP -2006

The F1 season has started, and I thought, why not write about what I think of each race, and so the series of these posts. Let me clearly state that I am a Kimi Raikkonen fan, and a Mclaren F1 team fan (till Kimi moves to Ferrari next year). And so here are the thoughts from the Bahrain GP ‘2006.
The start of the race was amazing. Alonso trying to overtake Massa was something to watch. Missed in the first corner, but then in the second corner, Alonso does a neat left overtake over Massa. Massa should have seen Alonso coming, but missed it. What is bad is the performance of Kimi in the qualifier. The MP4-21’s suspension failure during the qualifier seems to give the impression that may be Mclaren isn’t very worried about Kimi’s car. And I am sure it’s a confidence blow to start a season with a broken suspension – though the final result might seem otherwise. But yesterday, I wouldn’t have imagined the finish.
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The excise drop for small cars – long term impact

The budget 2006, has, for the yuppies, provided a good sop. A drop in the excise duty to 16 percent i.e. a good 8 percent drop, which translates to a savings of close to 20,000 INR. In an interview on CNBC, the finance minister explained the rationale behind this drop in the excise duty – to make India a manufacturing hub for the small cars. He argued that to be able attract FDI in the small car segment, India also needs to be a good local market. According to him, this provides the necessary impetus for global corporations to dump more dollars into the market and also into the infrastructure for the growth of this sector. May be the small car segment is not a very hot favorite automobile segment in the US, but in some nations, specifically in the developing world, the small car is a very useful thing. Specifically in countries like India, Brazil, Korea, a small car is a hot segment. And given the burgeoning economy, both the manufacturers and the consumers have a lot to cheer about this sop given by the finance minister. So what am I complaining about – well, there is, I think, one area of that the ministry has not pondered over very much, and that is what I am complaining about.
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Little Italy – good place

Bangalore seems to have an abundance of Italian restaurants. May be the people here prefer the not spicy Italian cuisine to the other cuisine available elsewhere. Another Italian restaurant on the 100Ft road, IndiraNagar is Little Italy. As the name mentions, this is a completely Italian restaurant. Its after the Food World, and the VGP showroom when you are heading towards Airport Road from CMH Road. First the rating – I give the place a 6 out of 10.

The nice thing about Little Italy, is the seating. You can either sit outside, or inside. We went for lunch, so we sat outside, only for a while, before moving in. Little Italy is not the place where you can find cozy corners. It has a more of an open ambience, unlike the Boutiqe.

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