Ice Age2 – A definite watch

After an unsuccessful attempt two weeks ago to get the tickets for Ice Age2, got the tickets last week for the movie. And btw, Inox, I think has done a good thing by having ticket outlets in various parts of the city. It was my first visit to the theater and I was not disappointed. Ok, this post is not about Inox, its about the movie. First the rating – I give it a 9 out of 10. And I really dunno why I can’t give it a perfect 10, may be just human nature, assuming that things can always be better. The movie totally rocks. Unless you are someone who doesn’t enjoy good humor, or someone who thinks animated stuff is for kids, the movie is a definite watch. Go watch it – and preferably in a theater and not in a pirated DVD or a BTed XVid.
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Architecture World 2006

Bangalore is playing host to lots of conferences these days, and one of them happened to be Architecture World. Organized by ICMG, the conference was supposed to provide architects with Enterprise Strategies. First the verdict for the conference – its a very medicore conference. I wouldn’t bet the kind of money that the organizers charged for the things I learnt there. Now onto the details.
First, what did I learn there [some of which are overly hackeneyed ]?

  • Architecting, even though sometimes not very desirable is an evolutionary thing
  • Any architecture team needs to have a constant interaction with the business team
  • The big picture is the customer – always. Try not to fit the customer’s needs to the architecture
  • MDA – can help solve some of the problems of n-tier architecture. Modeling business requirements can help one automate lot of steps of the complete IT cycle of a particular product / service
  • SOA is here to stay
  • Web 2.0 is what the world is looking for [ P2P, mesh networks, everything distributed, social networks et al]
  • Got to know about some EA frameworks, e.g., Zachman framework – and looks like it has a very high following
  • Create more than one reference model for the architecture you design; this helps the various stakeholders understand your architecture design from their own viewpoints
  • ESB == Enterprise Service Bus – the magic bus which can connect any two points, with as many stops in between, and can transport anyone
  • EA == Enterprise architecture

I thought that, there were no ground-breaking concepts or ideas, rather there was a lot of emphasis on modeling (no pun intended ). Also the event became a major sales pitch ground for compuware, with their speakers trying to fit their products to architecture paradigms.
There were one or two sessions which were particularly interesting. The devil is in the detail, and the details follow..
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Trekking trip to Nagarhole

As there was a long weekend, myself and a few friends decided to go trekking somewhere. A little digging around showed that there were companies which were into this business. After a few confirmations and checking we decided to head to NagarHole. CARE Nagarhole trip seemed ok to us. First the summary – its worth going to the trek, and you get your money’s worth from the trip. The only gripe that I have is the transportation – they have awfully small buses to ferry people for the 7 hour journey.

We assembled at the city railway station, and to my surprise, I found that there were lot of people who signed up for the trip. The journey was to take us to Nagarhole base camp. As I said before, the buses were really crampy, otherwise it was a decent ride. Once at the base camp, we were asked to fresh up. The infrastructure there is decent. They have clean toilets and rooms to keep your luggage. One of the major concern for any traveler is the hygiene factor, and I must commend the CARE adventure folks for their work. Once we were fresh (we were suggested not to take bath !) we had breakfast and we started for the trek. The trek was fairly mild – its an easy trek by all standards. The human made pathway meandering through the hills is simple enough to tread. The greenery was definitely great, though I am sure it will be a lot more beautiful post-monsoon. Given the high temperatures, most of the mountain was covered with golden grass. If you are planning to go for the trip, make sure to carry lots of water.

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