Shiok for South-East Asian cuisine

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If you like south-east Asian cuisine as much as I do, then you sure would have heard of Shiok. Shiok is on CMH road, in the same building as Planet M. It is a place where one can head to have a quiet dinner or can hang out with friends. They have a restaurant and even a lounge bar. The dining part, does feel a little cramped, but it is not as cramped as you would be privy to others’ conversations. I didn’t hit the lounge bar, so can’t write the details about the lounge bar. Now onto the most important part – food 😀

I decided to stick to Thai cuisine for the meal. They do serve Thai, Singaporean, Indonesian. I reserved Indonesian cuisine for another day (especially, need to check if they have the Balinese cuisine Рmore on this later). For starters, we had Thai corn cakes and Spicy mushroom mince in lettuce cups. The latter was rather depressing. It was finely chopped mushrooms served in lettuce. Yeah the mushrooms were (maybe) saut̩ed in some sauce. The mushrooms were tasty, but I was expecting something more given the description of the dish. As for the Thai corn cakes РI will suggest this. They look like the dal-vada. They are a little sweet, but you can definitely feel the taste of the Thai spices in them, and they do a good precursory job to get ready for the main course (especially if you are sticking to Thai for main course too).

I can’t write about the non-vegetarian dishes, but apparently the Pad Thai (prawn) is a decent selection. As for the vegetarians – one of my favorite dishes is the Thai red curry, with steamed rice. And I felt that the rice and the curry portions don’t match well. I finished the curry with some rice left (or may be it is just me 😉 ). The red curry is yummy, and it is a true mirror of the spices used in Thai food. There is also the yellow curry people can try. For a change, I did stick to conventional dishes and hence the selection. May be some other day, I will write about the other exotic Thai dishes available.

My rating – I give the place a 6 out of 10. The fact that they serve wine, adds to the rating :D. The decor is calm and quiet and I did see the chef come out and talk to the patrons. So, I think if you are a regular you can actually tell the chef about what you feel about the food. This is something I have seen in very few places.

Cafe Inch on 100ft Road, IndiraNagar

Indiranagar cafes, Bangalore, Cafe Inch

If you are in Indiranagar and are looking for a cafe, but not something as noisy and cramped like Cafe Coffee Day, then head to Cafe Inch. This place is after Annachi on the 100ft road and is pretty decent. The highlight of the place, according to a friend of mine is the ambience. And I must agree. If Cafe Coffee Day is for the young turks of Bangalore, then this place is for the melancholic aging lot like moi 🙂 The nice thing about this place is that – they serve all three meals in a day (strange to say three meals, am reminded of the hordes of meals ready boards I used to see in all the South Indian towns/cities that I have been !) As for the coffee there – well, not very impressive 🙁 That is a sad part if you are one like the coffee afficionados that I know of. The filter coffee is the one that I will suggest – lets you decide the amount of sugar. And another interesting dish (more like a dessert) was the chilly chocolate brownie. This according to a theory should have been created by a Telugu. I must say that the argument sounded pretty convincing – given the generally ubiqutous presence of copious quantities of chili in their dishes (moi being a first hand evidence for that fact – now that is something that we can conveniently forget isn’t it 😉 ). Try that brownie – yeah it is 130 INR, and yeah even my eyeballs popped out (like Jim Carey in Mask) when I saw the quantity that decorated the plate. And to pop the bubble, the chili is not in the brownie it is in the sauce (don’t try to find the chili – there is no chili ..ahem ahem !!). My rating – a 6 out of 10. And that is because it is not a restaurant per se. Its a nice place to sit hang around with friends or talk about serious matters concerning life, love and the universe 😀 I am not sure if they have wi-fi there, but I did see people with laptops and working.