Indian passenger airlines and the fare

Indian lowcost airlines fare calculation, fare calculation for airlines – how do they do it?

The Indian aviation industry’s growth has been fueled primarily by the low cost airlines. Even though the low cost airlines continue to not show profits, and there seems to be not a very high percentage of consolidation happening (as industry analysts predicted), the airlines seem to be trudging ahead. The investor confidence in these airlines is something that can’t be very well mapped, given that only the big ones have gone public (if I get the list right, it is AirDeccan, Jet Airways + Sahara).

Thanks to this growth, the ticket service providers (if I may) have enjoyed a good growth. Sites like, have managed to garner good amount of passenger interest. And this burgeoning interest has also prompted the entry of other providers like, But, what I wonder is do the various Indian airlines (not to be mistaken to Indian), have a fare formula for their low cost servings ? As mentioned in this Wired article, do these airlines also have a way to split their fares ? If so, is it that, the travel service providers have exclusive access to this data ? Does anyone know what is involved in trying to lay one’s hands on this large data mine ? For a fee, if these airline providers can provide this data for developers, there might be an amazing pattern which can be uncovered.

A colleague of mine speculated that the airlines provide their fare data (and may be the historical data, not sure on this one), to the ticket service providers, as an exclusive service. This is to ensure that the amount of traffic on a particular ticket service provider’s site can be channeled into reservations on a particular airline. This of course doesn’t mean that the TSPs are going to favor one airline over the other.

So, if you know how one can get access to the airline’s ticketing structure, can you please post in the comments. I’d be interested to see if there is a similar (with may be large standard deviation to the US ticketing structure) pattern in the creation of the fare breakup for the Indian low-cost (or otherwise) airlines.