HDFC bank’s ad a ripoff from HSBC’s ad ?

I wrote previously about Asian Paints and Louis berger having similar ads. Now, looks like this lack of ingenuity has spilled over to the financial sector’s ads. The recent TVad HDFC shows a mom making breakfast for the entire family – all made of eggs (french toast / omlette / boiled egg), and then she uses the egg yolk for her hair. The tagline for the ad goes something like, we understand each of your preferences, which sounds very similar to the HSBC ad,whose line was – different people, different needs. Now what I don’t understand is that, both these ads seem to convey the same message, in prather closely related ways. They both seem to suggest that the banks understand the individual needs of the customers, and understand how each of the customer’s views are heard of. Nice of the, banks, but then I’d assume that the HDFC marketing (or whichever department) might have thought twice before letting a lackadaisical ripoff from a HSBC ad. Mod down the HDFC’s creativitiy.

On the contrary, the HDFC standard life insurance TV and print ads, seem to do a very nice job about getting the point of retirement and the education saving plans rather well. The whole sar uthaa ke jiyo idea is very appealing to the yuppy crowd and to the parents of that crowd. More on these ads later.