When the eating stops, the killing will also stop – or won’t it ?

There was a news item on BBC yesterday, covered here, which describes how the various agencies protesting against whaling helped in reducing the number of whales being killed. It is indeed nice to see these people working hard to make a difference. And on a lighter note reminds one of the episode of Seinfeld when the Mr. Russel Darlymple decides to join GreenPeace, completely smitten by Elaine :). Coming back to the original story, it does make one wonder if the effort put in by these folks goes waste when people continue to eat whale meat. Am reminded of the WWF advertisement which goes something like when the buying stops, the killing will stop. Wouldn’t the same hold in the current scenario ? What if there is a major portion of the meat eating populace decide to abdicate it and turn vegetarian. Agreed that it will create a large dent in the fisherman and the corporations which deal with fisheries, but then, isn’t that one way of conservation ? And then this brings to another interesting problem, wherein one needs to try to find out if there is a considerable economic impact on a certain community / nation if X% of the people stop eating sea food. Something like this is, I think, a freakonomics sort of a topic !