The Mist – a thrilling narration

I am not as much a thriller / horror fan as a good friend of mine is. At his behest, I decided to watch a few of his suggested movies. One of them was The Mist. This is an adaptation of Stephen King’s novella by the same name. I haven’t read the novella and now want to go and read it (there is another friend of mine who is a Stephen King book fan). Hmm, wonder why I am surrounded by horror movie fans ? Ok, back to the movie.

If you are not someone who can stomach a certain level of gore, or chilling horror – then this movie is not for you. Of course, it doesn’t nauseate you either. The horror in this movie is – spine chilling. And there are parts of the movie which grip you as much you can feel the tension in the supermarket. Briefly, the story is about a bunch of people who get trapped inside a supermarket and there is a mist which envelopes the whole place.

There are two parts of the movie which I really liked and which I think set it apart from the usual blockbuster fare. Even though this commercial cinema, the feel in the movie is not of extravagance; rather, is a certain toned down expression of fear, the fear of the unknown and the fear of the known. The two parts which really captivated me were

  1. The ending. Like the wikipedia mentions, it is dark. To an extent that it made me cringe. And again it is not horrific. It is a dark emotion which with the movie ends. All credit to Frank Darabont for that
  2. The act wherein Mrs. Carmondy is trying to rile up people against each other, and the consequences of it. The tension in the scenes is palpable so much that one really wants to shut her up. Kudos to Marcia Gay Harden for the performance. Ironically, I was waiting for her diatribe to end, in the hope that a semblance of a feel good factor to set in (which of course never does).

The highlight of the movie is the screenplay. It has a grip on you. And, as usual Mark Isham’s soundtrack adds to the thrill of watching the movie. The track at the end of the movie is unsettling, but good in a way that you appreciate the movie. I’d give this movie a 8 out of 10. It sure made me glue to the screen all the while I was watching the movie. And it sure has interested me in picking up few of King’s books.