Toggle the menu bar in Opera 10.51

How to display the Opera icon; How to hide the menu bar

In Opera 10.51, the menu bar (the one with File, View, Feeds etc.) has been replaced with a nice O (the Opera icon), thereby saving screen space. And I think that is a neat thing to do. The menu bar is not required for most of the time that you are browsing, so why have it on the screen.

To view the menu, you press ALT and the menu drops down. It is a little cumbersome to navigate the options, but something that you will get used to. You can get the menu bar to be displayed, by clicking on the Show Menu bar option after you press ALT.

The flip side of this is – how do you get the Opera icon back? I kind of liked the Opera icon menu and didn’t want the menu bar. The way to do it is to open the ‘Show Menu’ configuration setting in Opera and disable it. You can do it by clicking this link Show Menu and uncheck the option. Thanks to Tamil for this tip.