Archives of programmes on LokSabha TV

Why can’t programmes on the LokSabha TV be archived for people to watch? After all, if this is the service of the LokSabha and that is a public body, there should be no reason why a particular program can’t be archived isn’t it? Agreed that the parliament sessions are sold (sic.) with great aplomb about the rates, but there are other programs on the LokSabha TV (even if not in the vernacular) that can be an interesting watch.

In this day of the invasion of TRP centric media channels (don’t believe me, oh well, you do, don’t you) with people shouting their heads off, this channel does seem to have decent quality line up of programs. And given that there is no serious news channel left to watch in India (before you try to mention your favourite news channel, count the number of times the anchor said, well I have to leave it there, we will come back after a commercial break). Also, count the number of times the same clip is played over and over – and I am not talking about the English news channels only. The vernacular (I can speak about the Telugu news channels) channels seem to have borrowed more than a leaf from the English news channels here.

And given the cost of the storage of the content I think the Govt. of India can afford to archive certain programs atl the very east. Actually, the parliamentary sessions should definitely be archived for the man on the street (for whom the MPs are fighting !) to view at any time (more on that later). Even if it is not the parliamentary sessions, programs like the Public Forum should definitely be archived. I think the LokSabha TV needs to learn from stations like NPR, living on earth, PBS to make their archives publicly available. If user-funded stations can do it, I see no reason why government owned (independent body of the government nevertheless) channels can’t.

And if it is copyrights that they are worried about, they can always license the content under some version of the creative commons license which will ensure non-commercial usage of the content. If the idea of the channel is to allow people to know how the government is functioning, not providing access to its programs seems contrarian.