Restarting the writing?

Am writing after a very long break – a break in which finding the mental energy to write a blog post was tough to come by. A lot of things have happened in the personal life – something I generally avoid writing on the blog. Suffice to say that I am amazed at what I pulled off. All thanks to my family.

The last year also saw me travel a bit more than usual – something I love to do. Nothing like slinging a backpack, taking a map and walking around (walking – yes).

My geographic location has changed, my work location has changed, what I do at work has changed, my relationship status has changed, the number of wheels I own has changed, my waist-line has changed. Quite a few changes ! A couple of things have remained constant though – am still not very good at staying in touch, am still a big fan of filter coffee, still have a couple of close friends (go to point 1 please), still read books (err..what?), still trying to find ways to ‘switch-off’ from work.

In the last year, I did read quite a few books and I am not going to write my usual reviews of them. Just a list of them and what I think about them

  1. A mathematician plays the stock market – 6/10. Just because he explains puts/shorts nicely. Otherwise, mostly rambling about WorldCom
  2. Making the world work better – corporate marketing at its best. A 3/10. Didn’t purchase this book though, a freebie kindly given to me by IBMers at Gartner 2011
  3. The man who knew infinity – 6/10. An autobiography of Ramanujan – and not much maths in it. Yes, it is indeed possible !
  4. Who says elephants can’t dance – 7/10. Clear, concise, frank narrative – especially relevant if you are trying to revamp a large organization

And what about what is happening now

  1. I work with an amazingly driven team – and am working very hard to ensure that we hire the right kind of people – which is not an easy task, BTW.
  2. Am learning more about how to build a great team – am making mistakes (hopefully not bad ones) and learning.

    Took quite a fall didn’t we master Bruce. And why do we fall sir? So that we might learn to pick ourselves up

Well,  I think this is enough for a restart post. For the couple of people who do read what I write – thank you.